GiftKarting creates a first-class gifting experience at scale

GiftKarting’s intelligent platform learns about recipient’s interests and enables B2B sales and marketing teams to engage with the recipients through special curation. Our unique solution allows you to deliver a customized gift chosen for the recipient with care. GiftKarting makes direct and thoughtful gratification at scale possible.

What We Do

First-class gifting experience

A gift is worth a thousand words. Create a memorable gifting experience that forges real connections.

Real personalization, at scale

Scaling and personalization don’t go hand in hand? Not with GiftKarting. Accomplish real personalization and stimulate an emotional response with every interaction. Don't just get attention, get responses.

Enterprise Management & Optimization

An AI-led gifting platform built with measurement and tracking capabilities. Our first-class algorithms enable precision as good as your business analytics.


Time Saved


Delivery Reach


Costs Saved


Accuracy of Client Profiling


Increase in Efficiency


Return on Investment

Gifting should be about personalization

Forget about the hassle of vendor and product selection, procurement, packaging, and co-ordinating delivery. GiftKarting looks after it all while you enjoy the credit and a seamless gifting experience.

Enterprise Management & Optimization

Learn the impact of your gifting programmes through our
AI-powered algorithms and tools. Use personalisation and customization in gifting to multiply your ROI and power your sales.

Every individual is unique, so are their choices

Don't force unique individuals into artificial moulds. Get rid of the old corporate approach, where recipients are spammed with gifts they don't want or already have. Let us handle the effort and thought, while you enjoy a meaningful gifting solution.

Make Someone’s Day in a Minute

GiftKarting's unique approach engages recipients and puts them in control. It creates an emotional journey that strengthens relationships and re-energizes sales. Your sales representatives can use this gift-first approach to secure more accounts and build a pipeline.


AI-driven platform

Data curation and validation

Recipient-First Approach

1-to-1 approach

Send personalized invitations in seconds to choose

Recipient is pleased


Still reliant on Excel and Email

35% data not curated

Bulk Discount Approach

1-to-many approach

Send stuff that people haven’t asked for

Recipient is stuck with whatever they’re sent


Don’t just take our word. Hear from our customers


Say goodbye to an impersonal outreach. Start connecting with GiftKarting

Deliver curated, personalised gifts at the right moment to enhance engagement and advance relationships.

Trust GiftKarting.

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